It’s been a couple of months away from motorcycle riding for me, and if I’ve learned something in the past few years and that is that being away from my bike can be hazardous to my health. This time, back to the roots of my experience in motorcycle riding, the weekend escape. Let’s go to Jerico.


Hey baby I’m back.

Jerico is a town located in the southeast region of Antioquia, bordering Tarso, Freodio, Tamesis and Jardin. It’s in the middle of everything. It’s also known as the Athens of the Southeast becauase of it’s rapid progress and peoples culture, we funny Colombians who name everything after something else. It’s one of Antioquia’s prettiest towns because of its landscapes and architecture. It’s located about 2 hours from Medellin, going through Bolombolo. 114 km. in total. Because of it’s location its easy to go to, get some lunch, walk through the city streets and be back in time to see Game of Thrones, walk the dog or hang out with the kids.


Amazing landscapes will accompany you all the way up to town.

Riding back on the Super Tenere is a moment of absolut joy, as is visiting Jerico in a regular weekend. It’s located on top of a mountain which makes the way up a real treat for the eyes. We go from yellow landscapes all the way from Bolombolo, to bright green as Antioquia normally offers. This is the same route to Tarso, another destiny we’ll share with you soon.


20 km. ago with was all green.

Jerico is best known for being the saint Laura Montoya, a saint declared after a miracle being declared as her work. That shows of course, Jerico’s deep religious roots, with some stops as the Museo of Arte Religioso and 16 chapels all over town, some considered jewels.


It’s not a town square in Colombia without a church.

Jerico is also an amazing tourist destination if trekking and walking is your thing, mountain tops and walking routes for everyone. The botanical garden is a great stop if you wish to wind down and just chill for a while. This day the entry is free, but I’m not sure that’s always the case. I took my time to rest there. Very pretty.


Free entry and shadows to rest from the sun.

It’s town square is one of Antioquia’s most beautiful parks, as it maintains it’s colonial architecture, full of coffee culture details, and unlike other towns, it’s very organized. The 80 steps is one of the towns main atractions, a very pretty stairway  full of flowers and street lamps, a couple of bars and restaurants. Walking through it’s streets is very cool full with Antioquia’s history.


Stairs, bars and restaurants. Photo ops galore.

It’s in this 80 steps that we get to eat in Arepas y Waffles 8080, a different restaurant to find in Jerico, with a very cool offer. As it’s name suggests Arepas and Waffles are it’s thing. I got to enjoy a cool time with friends over there, and amazing local food.


Arepa Paisa. So much flavor.

I was really looking forward to riding the cable car, o teleferico, over Jerico, right by the giant Jesus statue at the town’s entrance. Sad to know that because of administrative fights between the Governors Office and the Mayors Office it’s not working, and hasn’t for months. There hasn’t been any money sent their way, so no maintenance,  and there’s a chance it won’t for a long time.


Come on people, get it together.

After a great lunch, a quick stop in the marketplace it’s now time to head back home; it’s very refreshing to give myself a chance to just walk around one of Antioquia’s prettiest towns, share with it’s people and have cold beer on a hot day. There is a lot to do here like renting a finca, walking, skydiving, or just plain chilling. Haven’t been here? You should.

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