Welcome to a whole new category in EnMoto.TV’s website where we’ll focus on those special riders from around the world that inspire us with their stories, no matter where they are, to get on our bikes and ride into the sunset.

This is also our first english article for our international audience.

Today we bring you Kinga Tanajewska’s story and the «On Her Bike« project.


EnMoto.TV: First of all we would like to know who you are, and what “On Her Bike” project is all about.

Kinga Tanajewska: «I’m a Polish Australian, moved here (Australia) in 2006 and am working in the construction industry. I have been riding since I was a teen, but then decided to explore Australia more, especially touring, so I setup On Her Bike as an online blog of my adventures – on my bike! It contains articles about places, events and the fantastic people I meet along the way.»

EM: How did you get into riding?

KT: » Well, motorcycles have been my passion since my teens and I don’t really know what triggered it – I’ve always just loved bikes and wanted to ride them. Back in the 90’s in Poland the local motorcycle community was very small but tight-knit, and I got the chance to meet some great people who shared the same passion for bikes, and for going on rallies, etc. … people who I have been friends with since!»


EM: Who is Kinga and what was she doing before “On her bike”. What do you do when not riding on your regular life?

KT: «I’m an engineer by training, and love concrete. Yep, concrete! I finished my Master of Engineering in Poland before travelling to Australia … just for a short holiday. Well, I met my partner soon after and we decided to settle here … after a big wedding back home in Poland!»

» When I’m not riding, I’m thinking about riding! I love blogging, checking out other people’s stories and communities online, working on my riding photography and movies, and going camping to meet with other keen riders to exchange war stories and technical tips.»

EM: What’s the thing you like the most about riding?

«The freedom. Being out there on some adventure I’ve mapped out for myself, out in the elements: the heat, the cold, the rain, and even the smells. In a car, it’s just getting from A to B … but riding around on a bike you’re out there, at one with it all.»


EM: Any former bikes you recall fondly?

KT: «I’ve been through a few phases throughout my motorcycling journey: firstly I loved choppers – my very first bike was Honda Nighthawk 450, then I had passion for naked & sports bikes, Kawasaki Zephyr 550, Suzuki RF 600, Yamaha FZ6 and finally I’ve now developed the taste for adventure and so I’ve taken to a BMW F800GS – I was an instant convert!»


Tell us something about your current bike, like does it have a name, or why did you chose it in the first place.

KT: «After a few years of living in Australia, I realized if I really want to explore this beautiful country I’ll need to be able to ride on dirt as well as roads. And thus my GS – I love it and have never looked back. I love the comfort, and it’s got plenty of power on the bitumen to overtake road-trains … plus it’s made for dirt!»

It has a name … sort of … I simply call it “Bikie” »

EM: What do you feel about women riding, an activity that’s mostly done by men, especially adventure riding. What would you say to women who could be afraid of getting on a bike on their own?

KT: «If man can ride then there is no reason why a woman can’t. You only have one life, and riding is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Don’t be scared: get into it while you can! Start with a smaller bike so you don’t have to focus on how heavy it is. And, like everything: practice, practice, practice … start with less challenging routes and when you feel that you’re improving, then choose more challenging ones. Remember, you don’t have anything to prove to anyone … just enjoy the ride!»


EM: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned on a bike, any life lesson you’d like to share?

KT: «Riding solo around Australia was a life lesson. Firstly, because it was a life long dream, and so I guess the lesson there was “Just Do It” hahaha … but seriously, the only thing stopping most people living their dreams is fear of it not going right – so that’s the lesson … Just Do It!»


«Also, I learned a lot about myself. Riding around the outback alone, well, you spend a lot of time in your own head thinking, and when a challenge comes along, such as dropping the bike in soft sand, without anyone around for miles, well you get to prove yourself to yourself: pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on your bike!»

EM: What’s the future for “On her bike” any plans on coming to Latin America perhaps?

KT: «Next I plan to do a short trip down to the Island of Tasmania – it’s a beautiful, lush place located off the South Coast of Australia. In the next year or two, I plan to ship my bike to South East Asia and ride all the way back home to Poland! After that … the Americas! So yes, I hope to take my bike from Canada down to the South of Argentina or Chile … maybe even Antarctica?

Hahaha who knows?!»

EM: Thanks Kiga! We hope to see you here soon, or us over there!

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