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Pueden presentarse demoras en los envíos debido a la situación de orden público nacional. Agradecemos su comprensión.
Pueden presentarse demoras en los envíos debido a la situación de orden público nacional. Agradecemos su comprensión.


The motorcycle industry just keeps getting stronger as more people move towards motorcycles as a hobby or as a mobility solution. This growing tendency has brought in a whole new batch of brands trying to tap into consumer pockets and in turn that gets us better products. Anicam in Colombia is one of such companies.


We tested some of iXS products, great quality overall with products for every budget.

We met up with Anicam in Bogota a few months ago as they opened shop with brands like iXS, Arai, Yoshimura and SIDI among others. They invited us to their store called «The Adventure». There we got to see iXS products and learn more about the brand. iXS is a swiss brand that’s been in the market for about 30 years developing motorcycle apparel for every type of rider, and budget, which is always a nice surprise, specially in this country where motorcycle apparel is only mainstream in «big bikes».


Ready for adventure.

Although production is mainly done in Asia – what isn’t ? – it’s done under rigorous quality controls, positioning the brand as high quality in Europe. Now they’ve setup shop in Florida to tend to the Latin America market. Didier, the american operations manager is quite the connoisseur in the motorcycle industry as he has worked with multiple brands over the years, and is very happy to work know with iXS. You can find all types of riding gear from summer jackets, rain suits, gloves, racing suits and gore tex adventure apparel.

Now we tested a couple of products showcased at the store:


The Montevideo II is now my official touring jacket.

Montevideo II Jacket:

Talking to Didier about Colombian weather we agreed that, for the most part, Colombia is hot and there is always chance of rain. We talked about Gore Tex and that’s when he showed me the Montevideo II jacket, it has lots of ventilation ports and it uses the propietary Solto Tex membrane from iXS with an additional thermal liner which can be removed. What I liked the most about the jacket however is the fact that the ventilation ports are really big, making an actual difference when it comes to heat. The jacket almost becomes almost a summer jacket without losing the abrasive protection in the most sensitive zones. You can also purchase an extra pocket to carry and hydration pack within the jacket.  Safety is always on top of iXS design fundamentals, so you’ll find protections in the shoulder and elbow areas, as a level 2 back protector. Reflective lines are in front an back, as well as a zipper to attach the Caracas II pants.


Gloves are also good, iXS has all type of gloves available. The very comfy Fresh gloves are shown. 

Caracas II Pants:

The Caracas II pants are very much alike the Montevideo II jacket, including the removable Solto Text membrane for rain protection, thermal liner included and maximum comfort thanks to an anti slippery buttock area. It comes with knee pads and foam to protect the hip. Quite the complement to the jacket.


The Fresh gloves are comfy, simple but elegant and very very fresh. All mandatory protections included.

Another thing I found in iXS is a comfy and reliable rain suit. Didier pulls out a jacket and pant the Saint (Jacket) and Croix (Pants). They are made in polyester and polyurethane which make them very good in the rain, and very light and easy to store when not in use.


These are just some of the products you can find with iXS, you should check the whole street line with amazing summer jackets – and a particularly nice retro line as well – We’ll tell you all about my experiences with the suit and rain suit. As a final thought the warranty is amazing as there is a large distribution network in Colombia.


See you #EnMoto

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